Yuri Nikolaevich Bespalov

13.07.1960. – 04.04.2012.

Thank you for everything, Yuri Nikolaevich!

FC “Ventspils”

For many years, the FC “Ventspils” has represented our marvelous city among the top-level teams of Latvian football. Over this period, our team has been notably successful, it has won all the trophies that are awarded in the Baltics and has repeatedly been the Latvian champion and the winner of the Latvian Football Cup. The FC “Ventspils” has competed in more than fifty football matches at the European-level tournaments, as well. All these UNFORGETTABLE VICTORIES have been closely connected with the name of the former President of the club – Yuri Nikolaevich Bespalov.

His name stands out also in connection with the especially admirable achievement: in 2009, FC “Ventspils” became the first Latvian club to participate in the group stage tournaments of UEFA. Such amazing accomplishments make a perfect reason for all the sports fans of “the yellow-and-blue” to be truly proud of their performance. Yuri Nikolaevich – this is not just a synonym for victory or success. There was not a single day in his generous, overflowing with lively colours life when the President did not think about the club, no matter where in the world he would be at that moment. For Yuri Nikolaevich, the FC “Ventspils” was never just a business project. 

For him, our club was a matter into which he put all his heart and soul, and which he was burning himself about every moment, sparing no pains nor time, grudging nothing at all. Not sparing himself. Most probably, even the blood of Yuri Nikolaevich in a sense was yellow-and-blue…, because he always loved football and loved the FC “Ventspils”. Time is going on, towards new victories, new accomplishments for the yellow-and-blue. But always, in each and every new successful match, in every triumphant season of the FC “Ventspils” in future, there will be presence of the President, as well.